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This site is intended to compliment the book TORPEDOED, but it also contains some unique information. We hope you will find it of interest and we welcome your comments.

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As of the first of April 2002, Ed Pope has joined the staff of The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies (http://WWW.CICENTRE.COM). Please see NEWS/UPDATE page for more information.

Just a few summary statements here and then please look through our site as it grows:

Facts Ed Pope was the first American since Francis Gary Powers in 1960 to be convicted of espionage by Russia. Please visit Gary Powers Jr. Cold War Museum site.

Facts Ed Pope spent 253 days locked up in Moscow's Lefortovo Prison before being pardoned of a 20-year hard labor sentence given to him.

Facts Ed Pope is the last person to be pardoned by President Vladimir V. Putin from prison in Russia! During Putin's first year in office, he pardoned approximately 12,500 people. Why don't we hear more about human rights abuses in Putin's Russia?

Facts All of the materials given to Ed Pope and Penn State University had been reviewed for security and approved for release to us. Only last year did the KGB/FSB decide to change all of that and declare the materials "secret" and then turn their wrath on a foreigner rather than looking at their own broken system.

Facts All of the materials contained in the reports provided to us were obtained in documents that the Russians/Soviets had obtained in open sources, mostly from the US. This material includes several US patents. See Tech References for more.

Facts The book TORPEDOED is now appearing on store shelves and shipping from online booksellers.

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