An American Businessman's True Story of Secrets, Betrayal, Imprisonment in Russia and the Battle to Set Him Free
By Edmond D. Pope and Tom Shachtman

An incredible real life story that reads like an espionage classic.

A man of mystery: Edmond Pope, former US Naval Intelligence officer, then private businessman, in Russia seeking answers and new business. A top secret operation: American and Canadian secret services, out to purchase one of Russia's crown jewels: a torpedo that travels an astonishing 300 miles per hour.

New man in charge: Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB, now boss of all Russia and a man who wanted to set an example at almost any cost.

For the first time, Ed Pope tells the real story of becoming the first American since Gary Powers to be convicted of espionage in Russia. Combining a gripping account of his arrest, trial and 253-day imprisonment with a disturbing look at today's Russia and a shocking expose of abandonment by the US government, Pope's story reads like a Le Carré novel come to life.

A vivid, suspenseful page-turner, Ed Pope's memoir is the tale of a businessman with a past steeped in sensitive intelligence operations, a nation on the verge of chaos, and a covert operation gone terribly wrong. Like the secret torpedo in question, the story races to a conclusion of devastating impact.

Pope has refused all interview requests since his release in December 2000, but will finally break his silence when the book is published; his is as uncommon a story as it gets.

Ed Pope joined the US Navy in 1969 and quickly rose through the intelligence ranks to specialize in high-tech and undersea warfare. His many duties included tours as a naval attaché in Sweden during which time a Soviet submarine with nuclear weapons ran aground on Swedish territory, briefing senior admirals during the Persian Gulf War, management of high-tech programs, and establishment of cooperative research programs with former Soviet institutes. He and his wife Cheri live in Pennsylvania.

Tom Shachtman is the author or co-author of 25 books including "The FBI-KGB War", "I Have Lived in the Monster", and most recently "Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold".

Blurb review provided by Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering, Ambassador to Russia 1993-1996
"Ed Pope's striking story tells us exactly what it's like to be an innocent American caught up in Russia's unchanged, Soviet-style judicial system still dominated by the Soviet secret police. We learn for the first time what he endured and how he did it and of the struggle of a devoted wife and old friends to free him. No spy novel could be as authentic-or as devastating. A frightening story that could happen to any one of us!"

Blurb review provided by R. James Woolsey, Attorney, Director of the CIA 1993-1995
"Any Westerners who are tempted to believe the assertion that President Putin's Russia is now open to investment and will treat foreign businessmen fairly must read this poignant and riveting book. By all means, do business in Russia if you want, but first make sure that you have a spouse, a congressman, and a Russian lawyer as courageous and devoted as Ed Pope's were. The knowledge of their efforts to rescue you form Mr. Putin's execrable security service and Kafkaesque courts will be a great comfort to you as you're sitting in your cell in Lefortovo prison."

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